Hello friends,

Welcome to Yellow Queen.

I am a beekeeper who is allergic to honey bees. I was unaware of the allergy to bees when I started beekeeping a few years ago. I soon found out when I had received a sting to my head and it proceeded to grow to E.T. proportions. (See artist rendering) It turned out that although bee venom allergies are quite rare, I tested at a high level allergen to honey bees. I'm not even allergic to any other type of bee, wasp or insect, only to honey bees! I could not give up my new found passion in life even if it could kill me. (Being a little dramatic here) So I started allergy shots for bee venom. A lot of shots- starting at twice a week. I continue to receive allergy shots, now monthly and thankfully they are working. When I get stung now, I have little to no reaction. When my allergens were tested again last March, honey bees came in at a low level! Hooray! I am OK. Even though I don't need it, I always carry my EPI Pen so my mom is happy. And I always suit up and take extra precautions because of my allergy.

Every time I am stung, it is my fault for going into the bees hive, which is their home. I don't blame them for wanting to defend it. Honey bees are not aggressive they are defensive and they will not bother people unless you bother them first.

Honey bees are fascinating insects. I love beekeeping, it is such a humbling experience. I learn more each season.

I hope you enjoy the honey!

Kelly York

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